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A studio piano is larger than other styles of pianos. They are about the length of 3’9’’ to 4′ and can weigh as many as 400lbs. This type is typical in music schools because they are considered the most significant compromise between tone and size. In that case, a minimum of three of our movers is required to move a piano of that size to make sure it is placed safely.

Even if your piano is slightly smaller than usual, it is usually better to obtain specialist piano movers to manage the task for you. If you hire us, we will have the ability to assist with reassembly and disassembly, and we will have all the gear required to handle valuable and large instruments. Any piano is a hard thing to go, and each one has its beauty. It is our great pleasure that you entrust to us one of your great possessions, and we guarantee you that you will be satisfied with the outcome of our service.

At Piano Movers Orlando, we realize pianos aren’t only costly and vulnerable musical instruments, though they may, in many cases, have sentimental memories linked to them. That is why it is our ultimate goal throughout the process to keep them adequately protected and secured. Whether you want to go grandma’s classic antique upright or maybe a top quality Steinway concert grand piano, we move all of them. Also, our expertly trained piano movers are always prepared to manage any situation along the way.

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Piano Movers Orlando

We put all pianos on the part of specialized equipment known as a piano board. We can also lift your piano in case it can’t be moved through doors and hallways. We have uplifted many pianos, extending estimates and references for both everyday actions and unique lifts. Our professional movers are well trained, and they have years of experience and training doing this kind of job.

We offer no-cost estimation on our piano moving solutions. To provide you with the right quote, we have to check how far we will move the piano and the situation in which the piano is presently at. For instance, is your piano placed on the 2nd floor? What sort of staircase do you have? Is it spiral or perhaps straight? Additionally, how about the number of steps in your staircase? The answers to that question will depend on how much your piano will cost when we move it.

If you need someone you can trust to make your precious piano relocate, don’t hesitate to come to us.

We offer quality and affordable services that you deserve. We assure you that your piano arrives where it is supposed to be right on time. Your piano is in good hands, and our movers are taking care of it like it’s our own. Plan your next move, and we will be the one who does it for you, especially your piano.