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Possibly you were looking for a piano moving business near you. We have considerable experience and knowledge in moving pianos of all the sizes and values. Since our establishment, we have gone on to be a business that creates strong relationships and ties within our community. Relocating a piano can be a complicated and challenging job, regardless of the size of it. This instrument can be sensitive when you move it without proper care and procedure.

The spinet piano is the smallest piano style, but regardless of its small size, moving can be complicated. The minimum weight of a spinet is around 300 pounds, so it will also take a team effort when moving it upstairs or downstairs. You need to hire professional movers like us to provide an excellent service for you. Our expert movers will conduct proper planning on how we can move the piano safe and sound. It will help us know what upright position we need to move it properly, especially when the stairs in your house are too narrow.

We know how important and precious your piano is to you. It is not only because of its high price but also because it has sentimental value. That is why every step we took from moving your piano into other places makes sure that we do it carefully to be entirely placed where it is supposed to be without causing any damage.

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Piano Mover Orlando

While piano moving might look like a simple job to someone without experience, it’s a complicated process and demands appropriate training. There will be additional required resources to dismantle the piano for transportation if needed. If you want to move your spinet to another place, we can do that for you as well. We have a truck and trailer that will fit your piano perfectly. Our movers carefully board your piano on our truck to prevent scratches and damages to it. Our piano moving requires specific boards and dollies used to carry heavy items without causing harm and might not be ordinarily offered around the home. We make sure that we deliver your belongings to where it is supposed to be. Whether it is a long-distance or across the country relocation, our company is happy to serve you.

Regardless of where you want to move your piano, there are some things we need to check before proceeding on the relocation of the piano. Our movers will check all the lids and make sure it is entirely closed before moving it not to cause any hassle and damage while carrying it. If it is a rainy day, and you decide to move your piano from different houses, we use bubble wrap to add protection and wrap the whole piano not to get soaked by the rain.

Set an appointment with us to give you a free estimate of how much it will cost to move a piano. Our professional movers are always prepared to move whatever kind of piano you have.