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The Console piano is slightly taller. They vary from 3′ 4’’ to 3′ 7’’ tall and do not weigh much more than a Spinet Piano. To deal with the console, our two movers are generally able to handle it, provided that there are no difficult obstacles or stairs. If there is a flight of stairways on your house, most pianos will need no less than one additional mover so we can do it safely. This means wrapping the piano in several covers; therefore, the piano’s surface area is not scuffed or gouged. Refinishing a piano is usually really expensive.

Our piano movers have specialized instruction, understand the best way to secure transportation effectively, and set up the instrument with precision and care. We are very competent to get the piano from a house, apartment, or office and safely maneuver stairs. Essentially, this is not the time to get assistance from friends and attempt to move it on your own. You don’t want to risk your piano’s safety from someone who does not know how to move it properly. As we all know, the piano is a delicate instrument when moving it.

When sending these prized possessions, it is crucial to get the right training and tools to make sure the piano remains intact, and nobody gets hurt. While some owners might wish to go the piano themselves, it is wise to work with an expert moving company to complete the job for you. Additionally, they have the gear to help make sure nobody throws their back out while in action.

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Our company uses special moving equipment so it will be easy for us to move your piano. Some pianos have a small wheel caster. However, due to the pounds of each piano, these little wheels may dig directly into your hardwood floors or even eliminate your carpet. That is the reason our piano movers come equipped with a piano dolly, which carefully transports your piano without generating streaks behind. Moreover, we have the padding and covers, making sure we pack your instrument efficiently and carefully because of the journey ahead. You have nothing to worry about because your piano is safe with us.

Here are some factors we consider about the cost of our moving services: the more valuable the piano, the more complex, and therefore more costly the move. For a standard upright piano, it may be cheaper to go than you would expect. Age also plays an element in piano shifting expenses. An antique piano is much more fragile than a current design, needing more focus on how the piano is disassembled, crated, and reassembled. Due to the trouble with moving a piano in place and downstairs, movers usually cost an extra charge for every set of stairs they face. Finally, distance plays a huge part in the entire moving expense. Local or in-town moves cost a lot less compared to an out-of-state relocation. We offer competitive prices on every service we have.