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When a grand piano is brought up, most individuals perceive the vast, black, lustrous piano taking center stage inside a concert hall.

A sizable purchase for any institution or home, a grand piano is a thing of beauty. It is made from different materials, such as steel, brass, cast iron, and various hardwoods. A grand piano is a delicate and complex highly machine that will last many years if cared properly. Our highly qualified piano movers know to diligently fill and carry your instrument to any location while making sure many of its moving parts and strings aren’t harmed in any manner. In case you attempt to move your instrument on your own, always keep in your mind that pianos are, on typical, roughly 500 pounds. You can harm any of its vulnerable components and incur additional maintenance and tuning costs for you if you do not hire professionals.

They are hypersensitive to climatic modifications, moving, and often go out of tune due to the stress created on the strings and other parts and soundboard. When you have a grand piano relocated, it may not work for all the men who move other things. Special equipment is taken by grand pianos to be moved safely and adequately to ensure they arrive precisely where they are, keeping a single piece intact.

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Because of the length and weight, moving a grand piano is more challenging if you have to deal with stairs, doorways, or any turns which have to be crossed. It typically weighs more than 1,000 lbs and is more than 6′ in length and almost that wide. That is why you need to hire someone to do it for you. Even if you call for help with your friends, you can damage it in so many ways without proper training and knowledge. Our expert movers are here to help you move your piano anywhere.

With our extreme and variable climate, pianos are challenging if additional steps aren’t taken to ensure they don’t dry out—lack of dampness may damage oils and humidity in the piano’s hardwoods. A grand’s dimensions can result in splits, cracks, breaks, and splinters in moving the piano. This is particularly true with the leg spindles and fair stands where all that excess weight rests. Legs must always be eliminated during a move if in any way possible. It is often not, particularly in older pianos, because of finishing and seizure due to age.

One vital factor will be the strings, and the soundboard needs to be shielded in a move. A seasoned piano moving team in our company will make sure they are padded without stressing them, as strings can easily break. Count on our knowledgeable piano movers for your complicated, specialized move. We have many years of experience preparing, transporting, and moving pianos of all kinds, designs, and sizes. Get in touch with us now by filling out our website quote form to request additional info or a personalized cost estimation for all your piano moving needs.